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Absolute Rags and Wipers parent company, JJ Industries and it’s environmental compliance arm Absolute Enviro, specializes in site compliance and spill containment. Having an appropriate policy and hardware in place to ensure environmental compliance is important for legal, community responsibility and environmental reasons. An important compliance factor is the ability to contain spills and divert contaminants (from areas such as wash bays). This is where JJ’s many practical bunding solutions present options for your industry.

Rubber Floor Bunding

bunding installation for site complianceRubber floor bunding is a cost-effective solution for containing small spill and protecting run off from wash bay areas. You might install rubber floor bunding around liquid containment areas where you want to prevent environmental discharge in the event of spills.

Rubber floor bunding is fast and easy to install. You can do an DIY installation or get JJ Industries to install it for you. If you want to install it yourself JJ will consult and supply you the correct bunding and fittings.

Once installed, this type of bunding is very hard wearing. You can drive over it. It feels like driving over a speed hump (and some people even use it for this purpose). It’s low rounded profile minimizes issues relating trip hazard.

Drive Over Bunding

drive over bunding Drive over bunding is another bunding solution where you require spill prevention in traffic areas. The heavy duty PVC in the bunding is filled with memory foam. This allows the bunding to return to shape when driven over. Unlike rubber bunding, it does not present a physical obstacle to the wheels of a vehicle. As you can see in the image here, a vehicle like a fork lift (that has hard rubber tyres and no suspension) can traverse over the drive over bunding unimpeded.

As with rubber floor bunding, drive over bunding can be supplied on its own or as part of an installation by JJ Industries. Either way they’ll consult on an appropriate solution for your needs.

Other Bunding Solutions

JJ Industries other bunding solutions include bunded pallets and storage areas. These can be used as part of your compliance measures, within a bunded area or as standalone solutions.

For more information and all equiries on bunding solutions please contact the team at JJ Industries.

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