Marine Containment

With current environmental and pollution laws in Queensland requiring you to protect the marine environment during construction or redevelopment you need to have marine containment in place before you begin construction. You must protect the marine environment from all types of spills and run-off during construction. Marine protection from silt, debris and oil spills is essential.

marine containment boom

Marine Containment Boom

Marine containment booms are an impervious barrier designed to deflect or contain marine spills or floating debris. In the sector of marine containment JJ Industries supply and install four types of marine containment. This includes the marine containment booms, an impervious barrier designed to deflect or contain marine spills or floating debris. Their marine containment booms use a  closed cell foam floatation chamber and a continuous skirt below the surface. Marine containment books  perform very well in rough weather and can be used for short or long term deployment in harbours, rivers, ponds, dams and other open waterways.

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Fence Booms

Fence booms are often used for marine containment. They provide a fence-like barrier that can stop floating debris and oil spills. They are often better suited to calmer waters.


Aquatic Silt Curtains

This form of marine containment is a common sight on the waterways of the Gold Coast (and elsewhere) during construction of roads, retaining walls etc around any marine environment. They’re an economic choice and a good option where it is required to prevent silt from entering into the marine environment.

Deployment and Training for Marine Containment

If you’re wondering which is the best marine containment solution for your application, or how to deploy your marine containment solutions JJ Industries are available to consult and train on all marine containment solutions. They can customize a solution for your application, deliver and then train your staff so that they are able to effectively roll out a marine containment solution that satisfies your compliance with marine pollution and protection laws. JJ Industries’ environmental consulting arm Absolute Environmental
is proficient and experiences in helping you with your site compliance needs.

For more information on marine containment JJ Industries are always available for enquires and questions.


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