Weed Containment Booms

Weed containment booms are an important measure for the control and removal of aquatic weed. Our parent company JJ Industries has considerable knowledge and expertise with dealing with aquatic weed control through the use of weed containment booms. We have completed many projects for containment and removal of weeds using weed containment booms, have services for the supply of weed containment booms, customization of weed containment booms, and installation and servicing of weed containment booms.


Aquatic Weed Control Booms

The Assise® range of noxious weed booms are manufactured with a 500mm skirt for either operational, temporary or permanent long term marine containment installations. Studies by government agencies prove the type of weed boom manufactured by Assise® is the best control solution to noxious weed.

As an example for the use of weed containment booms the project for a Gold Coast City lake is a stark example of a before and after clean-up. JJ were commissioned to remove the weed for the council, which, as you can see from the pictures below, we did with great success. More details of the technical aspects of the nature of the weed containment booms used are available from our JJ website.


Marine Containment Booms

As part of the range of marine containment booms we supply and support JJ Industries has aquatic booms for control of spills and and floating debris, fence booms and aquatic silt curtains, used where dredging or excavation or construction works are underway.

Consult with JJ on which is the best, most effective and economical choice for marine containment for your project. JJ’s consulting arm Absolute Environmental is an expert organisation dedicated toward your site compliance needs.

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